Clinique Mascara

I got this in my free gift from Clinique a while ago and wasn’t excited about this at all, but I gave it a go and I really didn’t expect the results I got. The white side is a primer, and the other end just a normal black mascara. I love this, I now use it in my every day routine, replacing my W7 mascara. I don’t always use the primer as I feel like the mascara alone does enough for a day time look.


Although my eyes look very similar, one eye has primer applied as well as mascara, the other just has mascara. 

On the left is just mascara, and the right has both the primer and mascara. Personally, I don’t see a huge difference unless you look fairly close. It’s the same on the picture below, just a little clearer. And don’t worry, I am wearing a strapless top, I know it’s hot here in the UK at the moment..



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