Kleancolor Baked Eyeshadow Quad

I bought this from for one dollar. This quad is called ‘Pop’ I love the colours and it really is great for summer too! 


11714264_10203173571178874_1757737321_nHere are the swatches, the left colour is applied dry and on the right side is the wet application. There isn’t a huge difference until the last one. 

‘The dry application allows pigments to achieve airy texture to the skin for a natural splash of colour. 

Applying wet allows colours to deliver cosmic intensity for a stunning result. ‘

I may have just not had my hands wet enough or it may work better using a brush or applicator rather than fingers. The colours are amazing though and last quite some time. An amazing buy thought for the price. The packaging is a little bit bulky and just seems unnecessary to have so much plastic, but other than that I really like these.

What do you think of this quad eyeshadow?


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