Bleach- London

I was feeling a little adventurous and wild about a month ago, and I decided to dye my hair. My original plan was to have my natural blonde with a dip dyed pastel pink.

I couldn’t find any sort of pink I liked, until a friend recommended Bleach-London. They had some lovely colours and I decided to pick up and pale pink and purple and blend them together throughout my hair. I tested them both on a small section of hair and they were barely visible. I went back and swapped them both for the darker/brighter pink and purple. They were £5 each, and I bought them from Boots, except I now cannot find them anywhere at all.

A friend dyed my hair and foiled me up, I felt like I was about to be put into an oven to roast. After the 20minutes was up, I rinsed it out, well attempted to. I made my friend Leah’s shower room very pink! Ooops. The dye was still running a bit but the water wasn’t running clear. I decided to stop as I was making a mess and I was getting tired of rinsing it out with no progress. After cleaning the shower and drying my hair I was pleasantly surprised. It looked so nice. But two days later, due to my laziness when rinsing it out, the dye slightly run throughout my hair when washing it normally. I got my boyfriend to go over it a little and even it out. It looked a bit brighter and I was unsure, I loved it, I couldn’t stop playing with it and looking at it.

It lasted just over a week, about 9 days, and through a good few washes. On the bottle it says between 2-10 washes, so although that is very vague I guess it depends on hair type, and how long you leave it in etc.

I had it re-done once I was home just before the cosmo summer event. Now 10 days on I still have a bit of pink in my hair, the purple has gone but its a lovely pale pink and looks nice. So I am happy with it still.

 I think if you want to make it last longer you will have to avoid washing the hair as much, but because I have very thick hair, it takes age to rinse out shampoo etc. and therefore the colour runs out. Avoiding washing hair so often and using dry shampoo or something may extend the life of your coloured hair. Also I have long thick hair and had it done twice already and a patch up and I still have plenty of dye left. So it really is worth £5 a bottle. 

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