Nail Art

I bought some nail art stamping plates from Born Pretty, some arrived, some didn’t. 

I thought I would try out a couple of designs today. 

I used my normal base coat from Primark, and then used a white base ‘Technic’ and then used a top coat again from Primark. I then used a special polish for the nail stamping, I put just one line across the top half of the design as it spreads very easily and is quite thick. I used the scraper and wiped it across the plate. You have to be quite quick with this process as the nail polish tends to dry quickly. Then using the stamper, rolling it over the plate design and then onto the nail. I had some cotton pads handy and some nail polish remover to clean the stamper of excess polish, and then redo this process for each nail. 

Here you can see I used two types of patterns, a smaller cross-stitch and a larger box design. This is also a lovely monochrome look and I look forward to experimenting with more designs and colours. 

11739564_10203230485401694_136867216_n 11739742_10203230485441695_1710634285_n 11749694_10203230485321692_1067519993_n   11759044_10203230485281691_623868072_n 11756664_10203230514322417_220987783_n

What do you think I should try next?

Here is a guide to nail stamping..


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