Clinique- Final Review

I did a smaller review on this when I had it for the first few weeks, here

So, now I have come to the end of using my three products, I found that I ran out of moisturiser first then the soap. I am really happy with these products, they leave my face feeling clean and fresh, also a great base for make up. However, although it is number 2 for combination skin, in the long run I didn’t notice a change in my skin, I still have oily patches and still have dry patches so I don’t think I have found my perfect fit yet in terms of helping my skin. As stated in my initial review, I did notice a change but after going nearly a week without them my skin hasn’t worsened in any way. I don’t think I’ll buy the three separate products as they are all around £20-£25 and I don’t want to invest £70 on something that doesn’t do much. 

Do you use Clinique’s three step system? Has it worked for you?


4 thoughts on “Clinique- Final Review

  1. I tried the Clinique Anti-Blemish 3 step system and to be honest I have the same opinion as you. My skin did feel clean and fresh but didn’t really make a noticeable difference on the condition of it in the long run. I was also warned about the Clinque cleanser by a few different skin counters and beauticians. it is apparently like pain stripper on your skin.


      1. Yeah My skin had a bad break out of spots and blemishes, that’s when I thought i’d give Clinique a go. A couple of days later I was shopping and spoke to Benefit make-up, Liz Earle and Estee Lauder and they all said to stop using it. I was even told by a beautician friend that they sometime use it to clean tough stains off their counter!


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