Nail Art

Hello Lovelies..

I was feeling very creative and so I pulled out my nail draw and picked out a bunch of things I hadn’t used before. I picked out some gold nail art tape that I bought in a two pack (with silver) from Shop Miss A for a dollar. I love this tape, it is so easy to use and great value for money. You can use it to create designs and pull off like I do here, or leave it on as part of the design. 

Here is what I used;

Cotton Pads, Nail Polish Remover, Nail Tape, Essence in Electriiiic, Nail Dryer, two nail brushes (flat ended), nail art tweezers for gems etc and a base coat

11850912_10203328040600513_1133555231_n (1)

I first painted my nails in a clear base coat. 


I then got creative and messy with the tape creating different designs on my nails making sure they are pressed down with no air bubbles and cutting to size (with spare to remove).

11815928_10203327860476010_501309244_n 11823723_10203327939037974_801042511_n

Painting over them with the Essence nail polish in a lovely bold blue called Electriiiic. I stuck them under the nail dryer for about a minute. 


Then removing each piece of tape one by one with my special nail art tweezers. Don’t let the nail polish dry as it can mess the design up when pulling the tape off. 


I then let it dry, and if needed I used a little nail brush in nail polish remover to tidy up some lines and around the nails, and again if needed used the second brush with the nail polish to patch things up. This can be very tricky so practice!

11830122_10203328039880495_5098074_n 11846411_10203328039920496_1733699811_n 11857766_10203327938837969_2125565356_n

I am hesitant to put on a top coat in case they smudge but I don’t want to ruin them!

I left it a couple of hours and then added a top coat, this gave them a lovely shine and will make it last longer. 

What do you think?


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