Bellapierre Eyeshadow in ‘Diligence’

This was in my LoveMeBeauty box and I hadn’t heard of this brand before and I loved the look of this bronze/brown/gold shimmery eyeshadow. They offer a range of colours and plenty of them are available through LoveMeBeauty. As you can see on the swatch, it is bold and very pigmented, on the right that was me just trying to get the excess off of my finger, so it is very easy to create different shades to build it up and blend in for a nice smokey eye! You only need to use a tiny bit, a little goes such a long way, you won’t believe it until you try, I put a small amount on my brush and tapped off the excess and it covered one eye and most of the other. I would like to collect some more of these. 



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