Liebster Award!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Sophie from Weird and Wonderful Sophie.

1. What is your 3 favourite colours?

Red, purple and black

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I will have finished university and will have hopefully done some travelling and found a good job.

3. Have you ever been to america? 

No I haven’t, I would love to visit though.

4. Why and when did you start blogging? 

I started blogging consistently Feb/March of this year. I started because I was actually trying to find reviews of some items and decided to do my own, its a great hobby for me.

5. Who are your top 3 favourite bloggers? 

Ooooh I don’t know, I follow so many!

6. What is your favourite film?

At the moment, Oldboy, the original, I can watch it over and over and still be amazed.

7. Do you like marmite?

NO! ewwwww.

8. What is your favourite thing to do on a day off?

Everyday is a day off to me right now, I am a student and I don’t have a job, so relaxing and being with friends, playing board games and blogging of course!

9. Night in or a night out?

Night in definitely

10. What are your top 3 make-up/beaut products? 

I looooove any nail polish really :P, Clinique lipsitck in A different Grape and Bourjois colour boost lipstick in Red Island.

I don’t really want to nominate anyone in particular so feel free to do so

  1. Where in the world have you travelled?
  2. Where would you like to go?
  3. Your favourite beauty/make-up brand?
  4. Favourite type of chocolate/sweet?
  5. Any guilty pleasures?
  6. What did you want to be when you were younger?
  7. If you had to pick one make up item and that was all you could use, that you could use forever what would it be?
  8. What aspirations do you have for your blog?
  9. What are you best at?
  10. Do you prefer writing or reading blogs?

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