Nail Art

I recently posted about using my nail tape from Shop Miss A .com here, is my first experiment with it if you haven’t seen it already. Unfortunately, after a few days they started to chip quite badly, all except my pinky’s. So I got rid of all the rest applied a base coat and continued with the same candy cane pattern for all of my nails, I used in total 5 different nail polishes, Essence the gel nail polish in Electriiiic (blue), Technic fast dry in Red, Technic pretty pastels in Moonlit Jade, Technic party brights in Sunset Strip (orange), Technic party brights in Bora Bora Beach (purple). If you want to see a step by step guide, refer to the first link in this post. I then left it for a couple of hours before applying a top coat to ensure they were dry and wouldn’t smudge.Β 

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