Tongue Piercing

I have always wanted my tongue pierced, I was fascinated by my Aunt who had hers done. So when I finally got my braces off and had the money to get it done I went and did it. I was told about not being able to eat etc and the swelling but I went and had it done with Leah, she got a double helix at the time. I went first and just had my second helix pierced and then my tongue, having the piercer dry my tongue was the worst thing, its such an odd feeling and so unnatural, it was gross, the clamp scared me and I wanted to back out but it was too late. I had the jewellery put in (a 18mm bar), and I could feel my tongue starting to swell, a couple of minutes later I started talking with a lisp. It was highly amusing and I felt like I was dribbling like when you come out of the dentist! haha. I got home and was determined to eat, I ate spaghetti bolognaise! I did struggle but it wasn’t painful to the point it was unbearable to eat. I stuck to my cleaning routine and rinsing my mouth out after each meal.

By the third day my tongue had gone yellow and was still very fat but had gone down and wasn’t so sore, unless I accidentally bit the balls or the bar which occasionally happens due to the length of the bar needed to allow for swelling.

11126502_10203339594369350_675855292_n11824225_10203339594329349_2112858444_n 11853800_10203339594409351_1659857720_n

I was told to wait 2/3 weeks before changing it to a smaller bar but I thought my tongue was back to normal by day 7, most of the swelling was gone by day 5/6, but I went back two weeks after the initial piercing and they said it wasn’t healed yet so I had to wait another two weeks. I went back and they basically said it wont go down any more you just have a fat tongue! Which I found amusing so they put in a 16mm bar. Most people can have 12mm or 14mm bar when healed but not me! Overall, I didn’t have any problems with it, It healed extremely quick and didn’t have much of an effect on my eating, I would wake up dribbling often and have a very dry mouth. I would get it done again.

Snapshot_20150517_43 (2)Do you have or want your tongue pierced?


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