Cleaning Make Up Brushes

I know sometimes this feels like a chore, and we all probably don’t do this enough. I for one admit to not doing this very much at all! 

I basically found a little pot, you can use a mug or glass, I half filled it with warm water and added some washing up liquid I used Fairy with Olay, as this is very soft on the skin then I gathered all of my make up brushes and dunked them in the pot. I left them to soak, honestly, I forgot they were there and a couple of hours went by. I then rinsed them under warm water to get the dirty water out. You will be surprised at the colour of the water, I was. I then lent them against a tub on the windowsill to dry over night. And they feel so soft and new, they haven’t broken or fallen apart! 

Yay for clean brushes!


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