I received this eyelash primer in this months Glossybox. I don’t usually use lash primers as my eyelashes are fairly long and thick, they are just blonde, so I just need a nice black mascara. The only other lash primer I have used is Clinique’s eye lash/mascara combo

This is a sample size, but a full size one is worth £14.55. I really like this especially when used with no mascara on top worn throughout the day or over night to nourish the lashes. However, I don’t think this looks good straight under mascara, it looks very chunky and cake-y, which then makes them look unnatural, which I dislike. I wouldn’t buy this but I like using it to look after my lashes rather than accentuating them with primer then mascara. 


This shows my eyelashes with the primer on, I didn’t like how it looked with mascara on so I didn’t take one. 


2 thoughts on “MANNA KADAR Lash Primer

  1. Thanks for the post! I have long lashes but they aren’t thick, what do you recommend using to thicken them before applying mascara? I’m not a big fan of the cakey look either. And girl you have gorgeous eyes!



    1. Ah thank you so much, I do think they are my best feature!
      Erm if you are just doing for thick long lashes then I would recommend any mascara, cheap or not, and layer it on, use a lash separator or pin while wet to separate the lumps and lashes which will give you more of a natural than cake-y look. I don’t really know any other products to use before mascara unfortunately, maybe try the clinique combo one with the link in this post, they did make mine look thicker! hope this helps, let me know how you get on:)

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