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My August Favourites

I don’t tend to do favourites posts as such, unless I find that I have come across something amazing and think its worth sharing with you all. 

My beauty favourites both come from Glossybox. The Naobay face toner, I completely love and it has been so good to my skin and I couldn’t ask for anything better from this product really. My review is here. The second product is Emite’s blush, this is also amazing and I look forward to those nights out where I can use this and experiment more with it, but for over £20 I doubt I would purchase this. So thank you to Glossybox, Augusts box was amazing. 

Another favourite this month would definitely be John Green’s book; Paper Towns, I lent this to two friends over summer also, and we all completed it in less than 24 hours, its a book you can’t physically put down, and I cannot wait for the movie to come out. 

A Netflix favourite. I have really been struggling to find a good series recently after I finished the amazing Breaking Bad last year, everything just seems a bit dull. I completed series such as Lie To Me, Person of Interest and Homeland and my boyfriend has just introduced me to Gotham. I love it so much, the crime, the villains and how it fits in with the Batman triology and how the characters became who they are. With fairly long episodes and 22 per season, it will take up a bit of time for sure. Season 2 is coming on Netflix soon. 

On holiday and in the lovely weather that we did have I found a new love for Honeycomb ice-cream, gah, I love it so much and it is my new favourite flavour.

So, these are my favourites, what are yours?


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