Orchid Nails

Now that I have moved in to my new house and had plenty of time to settle in, I have unpacked all of my nail polish and put them all out on my cabinet, I didn’t realise how many I had! 

I bought four different colours in Primark a while a go; Orchid, Bluebell, Poppy and Blossom. These are all meant to be ‘scented nail polishes’, they don’t smell to strong of the classic nail polish smell, but they do not really smell like much else either. For £1.50 each I was very happy. The bottle top/lid is a little small but the formula is great to work with and is so easy to use. The bottle itself looks cute and the little bow is pretty. 

I thought I would go for a nice nude colour today and I chose Orchid, this one has a little shimmer in and its so lovely. The last picture is with a top coat, and as you can see it is so shiny. Because I was a bit stupid I left my Nail Polish Remover at home, oops, so I didn’t get a chance to tidy my nails up, luckily they don’t look too bad. 



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