Love Me Beauty Make Over

I haven’t had a monthly box this month from Love Me Beauty and this is because they were re-doing their whole website and how the process of your items works. Before, you had 6 credits to spend on a selection of items ranging from 1-3 credits, the more expensive the product the more credits it cost you. I liked this system but often you only got 3 small products for £13/14 ish including delivery. And if you saw other products you wanted too, you could buy them for their regular price I believe. They tend to keep a lot of products for a couple months, sometimes more, depending on popularity and ratings, so instead of spending more, you can use next months credits. 

Along with a whole new look to their website, it is easy to navigate and looks good, you now receive 60 credits from a standard monthly rate and you can choose add on credits which roll over if unspent one month. 

Add on credits;

20 credits worth £14 -£5 

50 credits worth £35 -£10

100 credits worth £70 -£18

200 credits worth £140 -£32

I am not sure if this is an improvement in terms of value for money and simplicity, but they now offer a wider range of products which is great. 

Do you use Love Me Beauty, What do you think of their new look and the new system?


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