Creative Nail Art

While I had one of my uni friends staying over for a few days, we had some girly nights in, including painting our nails. I was feeling adventurous and wanted to try something new so I picked three colours from Technic, ‘Arctic Ice’ a lovely subtle green colour, ‘Amethyst’ s bold purple and ‘Lagoon’ a sea blue. I was going for a mermaid-y theme, like scales and the sea etc.Β 

Leah suggest I use a sponge and maybe an ombre style, but I didn’t have any sponges so I resorted to using a piece of kitchen roll. First I painted my nails in a base coat and then lined some nail polish on to some kitchen roll and blotted it onto random spots onto each of my nails, I did this with each colour. This design doesn’t have to be perfect, I got very messy and overlapped colours and did several thin layers. Once I was happy with the design I added a top coat and cleaned my nails with a thin brush dipped into nail polish remover, clearing all mistakes and mess around my nails.Β 

I am very happy with the result! What do you think?

12033526_10203568637255279_270671881_n 12041844_10203568637175277_1353391036_n 12047674_10203568642135401_356361811_n




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