Settling In

I have now been in my new house for just over 2 weeks, it has flown by and I have been so busy tidying, unpacking, more tidying, cleaning, cooking and all those other things you have to do when you fly the nest.

As fun as it has been it has also been quite exhausting too, I miss home a bit and just being in a new place makes me a little anxious. This year I am living in a four bedroom detached house with a lovely garden which we get lots of birds and wildlife coming in which I love. I have found some lovely new ways of making my room feel more homely and being a cosy retreat as well as a place to study. 

I have added some fairy lights around my wardrobes, and obviously have my own items such as a lamp, teddies, bedding and throw. Its amazing how little you need to make you feel more comfortable. 

 11997467_10203568651695640_793204161_n12033391_10203568651935646_1728021528_n 12047631_10203568651615638_657816365_n12033458_10203568651255629_2036392801_n



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