Piercing #6

Now, I have always wanted a nose piercing, but like with all of the others I just didn’t have the guts to get it done. I had this one done in the same sitting with my Anti-Helix piercing. I personally find it easier having multiple piercings in the same sitting as its easier to keep up the cleaning process etc.

I got the right side of my nose pierced as this matches my hair parting which is on the right.

The initial pain of the piercing was very quick, and I could feel blood dripping inside my nose, my right eye watered and once the jewellery was in place my nose was a little red and that was it. It was only £20 (due to an offer). The jewellery used was a labret, a bar with a flat back and a screw on end for a ball/attachment. I prefer these in nose piercings as they wont fall out compared to the hook end which literally just sits in the nose, it is also much easier to change, rather than taking the whole bar out just removing and replacing the ball on the end is much easier and less fiddly.

I had very few problems with the healing process, a couple of months into healing I noticed a small lump, I thought it was a disaster and it got bigger and bigger, it was so noticeable I thought everyone was staring at me. I got it checked out and I was just told to clean it a bit more often and not to fiddle with it while cleaning. It did go down but I was just left with some small scarring that can happen with any piercing. I put on some oil that I bought for £1. I was told to put cream on it with Vitamin E in, and was recommended one which was over £30 so I went hunting for a cheaper alternative. I came across an orange coloured oil for £1 that helps with scarring, it contained lots of vitamin E so I bought it and gave it a go. It is very oily and leaves the skin greasy but it works, I rubbed some in with a cotton bud and left it to sit on my skin. Within a few days I had noticed a huge difference and it was gone within a week.

I wanted a nose ring but I was recommended to leave it for 6 weeks before I change it. I waited a bit longer as I got my nose ring at a different place where I was at for uni, and the piece of jewellery was shaped to my nose and had one flat end to sit inside the nose. I wear it all of the time and I love it so much, I have worn it for the past 7/8 months and had to change back to a stud for an interview recently, so I put a labret back in and much to my dismay it was very fiddly and the piercing has slightly healed to the ring rather than the initial bar, making it harder for this to fit in. It stung a little it was uncomfortable but not causing any pain and I left it in over night to settle, the redness and slight swelling had gone and I had no problems. So now I take out my ring often and replace it with a bar so this doesn’t happen again.



4 thoughts on “Piercing #6

    1. they would usually put in a normal labret or L shaped/hooked one, with a normal metal ball but im sure you can ask if you can have a clear ball rather than the usual one on. Even if you have to pay the price of the extra ball, only a few pounds at most. I look forward to hearing from you, my email is


  1. Your nose ring is gorgeous! I’ve wanted one for years too! However, always really liked the idea of a small cute nose ring like yours, but never did it.I’m afraid what others might think. Turning 25 soon and believe I’ve missed the window of opportunity and should have done it when I was younger. Think now I’m too old now. It really looks great on you!!! Might drop you an e-mail for some encouragement.


    1. Ah thank you, I love my nose ring its the perfect size and shape. They rarely fall out which is also good for me. Ah, I would say go for it, but it depends what sort of job you have, they might not appreciate it. However, you can still get very small metal balls or clear acrylic balls so they aren’t as visible and change it to a nose ring (when healed) when you like! Feel free to email me:)


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