Curly Hair

Now I LOVE having curly hair, my hair is so thick and getting quite long now, and I haven’t really done much with it at all recently. 

It takes about 30-40 minutes to curl all of my hair. 

Snapshot_20150517_1I take my index fingers and run them simultaneously around my head and sectioning a fairly thin layer at the bottom of my hair, and put the rest up in a pony-tail on my head. 

I curl this bottom layer and use a little bit of hairspray to keep it curly while I do the rest. I split my hair again by going around my scalp and putting the rest in a bun on my head. I curl this and use some hairspray, curling any straight bits I come across as I go along. I then come to the top of my hair and move my fringe out of the way to curl around it and then add some more hairspray all over and adjusting my fringe if I need to. 

I took this picture around 8pm and the curls were still looking lovely!


I use Remmington’s Shine Therapy hair straighteners, these were a gift so I am unsure of the price and I love them, you can set the temperature and they only take about 30 seconds to heat up and you are ready to go. 

I prefer using straighteners to curl my hair as I find it easier than fiddling with the tongs or whatever. And I can still produce different types of curls depending on the heat and how long I leave it on my hair for. 

I find that my hair curls better when I have washed it about 24+ hours before, I washed it Friday evening and curled it Sunday morning, it lasted all day and I went to bed with curly hair.

I woke up with less curly hair and more like a lions mane but still, it lasted, and although I would have usually washed my hair the Sunday night I didn’t need to and so I added a quick spray of dry shampoo onto my roots and left it for a few minutes and then brushed into the roots of my hair, I then had my hair like this for a more relaxed look. I put most of it back into a normal low pony-tail and left some strands out.  



2 thoughts on “Curly Hair

  1. I completely understand the struggle of curling long thick hair! Even when I do get the perfect curls they drop out almost straight away. I’ve vered away from heat styling now and just leave my hair in braids overnights, I find that the curls stay in much better. Your hair looks lovely though!


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