Lee Stafford Chopstick Curler

This is one hair/beauty item that I have had on my list for a long time now! and what better excuse to go out and buy it when my Student Finance money came through. I thought I would treat myself, my cousin recommended this particular item to me and she showed me before/after pictures and I was amazed, and needed this in my life. 

So for £20 from my local Argos, a chopstick style wand which is perfect for creating corkscrew type curls! A bargain in my eyes. It heats up very fast and has a heat proof end to stop you burning yourself, because only pro’s like me can still burn yourself in several places while curling hair. I started to curl the very bottom layer of my hair in very small sections, smaller than I use to create normal curls when using my straighteners. I did this as it was hard to get a lot of very thick and long hair around the length of the wand. I curled from the root, wrapping the rest around toward the end and left for 8-10 seconds and unwound it. This whole process took around an hour, and gives your arm a lot of exercise too. I have fairly long hair and as I said it is also very thick so if you have shorter or thinner hair it shouldn’t take this long. 

I created this look at around 7pm one evening and I woke up the next day and my hair didn’t look very different even after all the tossing and turning in bed. It was slightly more fluffy and frizzy but not very much, I didn’t brush my hair but I did move bits around and tidy it up. I pinned my fringe back, because as usual it didn’t know what it was doing. 



The length of my hair straight and curly….Perfect Curl…………The bottom layer complete.

Now at 9pm over 24hours later, my curls are still in. As they fall out the curls become longer due to heaviness of the hair and naturally, over time they will fall out. I would say this could last 2 days maybe three at a push. I washed my hair over 24hours before curling also as recently washed hair with lots of conditioner can be too heavy and curls won’t last as long. 


I would definitely recommend this product, I see myself using it so much and I can still style it in several ways, up or down, up/down, pin bits and pieces etc. For an hour of effort and no hairspray used it is SOOOO worth it. 


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