September Favourites

I cannot believe September is over already, and Halloween is just around the corner! Here are some of my favourite products from this month;


Superdrug’s Facial Brush- I bought this for £3.99 and I have used it most days with a good cleanser and it has helped keep my skin clean, fresh and dirt free. 

Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler- This is amaaaazing and I love it so much, my curls lasted for more than 50 hours and could have gone at least another 24 but I needed to wash it. Incredible product, a must have for creating volume and lasting corkscrew curls.


I have been watching Fringe for about a week now and I am already on episode 12- I think. I love this, it mixes science, technology with politics/government control and crime investigations of the FBI. It really makes you think and question our own society and how advanced technology has become and how much it will continue to grow. It is captivating and has an amazing story line and has some great characters. 

Gotham has also been one of my favourites on Netflix too this month but finding time to watch it now is difficult as me and Jack watch it together. Based before all of the Batman films, it shows how detective James Gordon becomes the person he is in the films as well as Bruce Wayne’s journey after the tragic event, and becoming a young man. I love this as it shows you good vs evil and sometimes those titles blur into one another. How society works with crime and looks at control and power. I love this show and again the actors are amazing, I really like Jada Pinkett-Smith and Robin Lord Taylor. 


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