After some friends and I ventured out on a student shopping night (1st October) with a well celebrated trip to pizza hut and a cookie dough sharer all to myself, I would say overall it was a successful adventure. BUT…

…Our City gets so busy when the weather is good and attracts a lot of tourism due to the historical culture and buildings and tonnes of good shops. So we looked around but didn’t actually buy anything other than pizza.

Now because there are two university’s close by and all colleges and sixth forms are included in this evening where selected shops are open from 6pm-9pm with discount of their choosing. I think the most discount was 30%. 

I did venture into Lush once the massive queue went down, but it was so packed and I couldn’t move, although I did leave with some lovely free chocolate cake baked by one of the employees there. Bonus.

All of their Halloween and Christmas stock had been putout for the season it was more of a reason to go in. Also it was their last day for a limited product called Showder, a powder for the shower! It supported TTIP, and is about laws and things like that so if you want to know more just pop on over to the website. 

Don’t worry I did go back in the next day and I did buy some new things to try out. But for those of you that have seen previous Lush posts I need to be cautious as I tend to come up with an allergic reaction after using some products. But I will do my best to give you an honest review of my experience. 


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