Update- Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler

So even on day 3 my hair was still pretty curly, bare in mind I did not use any hair spray or product after styling. I am very happy with the result and it could probably even lasted another day but I really needed to wash my hair as it was getting greasy.

Lee Recommends;

  • before using, use my poker straight flat iron protection shine mist or heat protection professional straightening protection mist
  • to hold your style use my hold tight hairspray

Lee Says;

  • my chopstick styler lets you create wild corkscrew curls for a trend setting look. The ceramic coated barrel and high heat up temperature gives you top results

an extra skinny, rectangular barrel for thinner, tighter curls to create a bigger and fuller look. This little curling tool instantly adds defined corkscrew curls that last all day long. 

And I totally agree with everything he says about this product.

12067801_10203586861430872_1656118179_n 12092700_10203586861470873_608072978_n


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