Now I am a complete sucker for a nice pair of boots, ankle boots especially. So when I came across these in Primark for just £18 I fell in love. These have very thick soles and will be perfect for those rainy days and winter weather when I have to trek to uni- it’s only a ten minute walk. 

They have cute patterned insides and funky laces too. The bottoms remind me of a cheap version of DM’s, but if they work as well that is great. They are a little uncomfortable at first but they obviously just need breaking in properly. I plan to use the fluffy socks and hair-dryer trick so they expand and become more flexible around my foot. They would go perfectly with a leather jacket or even a chunky knit jumper. Available in black and tan. 


I really really hope these last and don’t get ruined because they are cute and I love them. 


2 thoughts on “Booties

    1. So you put on the fluffiest of socks on your feet obviously, and then put on your shoes and blow-dry around the shoe, it will become more malleable and take shape around the sock, giving you a bit more room around your foot! google it, that might be better 😛


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