Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler

Okay, I know this is like the third post about this but something amazing happened and I wanted to share it with you guys… 

I had my curls in for about 36 hours and due to restless sleep, I move a lot, therefore my hair becomes puffier the more I move. So I woke up this morning and picked up a wide toothed comb and went through my hair with great difficulty. And now I am a blonde Hermione Granger.

This is before brushing/combing. Snapshot_20150928_2

This is after combing;

12092273_10203616017959767_1003693523_n 12092698_10203616018039769_1227922919_n


Apologies for my face, I am quite ill and very pale, and my lovely Elmo pj’s! 

But this can totally change the look you are going for. This will come in very handy for Halloween for me, as I need very poofy crazy red hair! The more you tousle with your hair and mess around with it you can create an even bigger look, and creating more body and volume with some hairspray! 


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