Little Lush Haul

I am pretty ill and spending my time in bed snuggled up watching Netflix, binging on Fringe, almost at season 3! While stinking of vapour rub and olbas oil… And lots of lemon and honey green tea…

So I mentioned last week that I had bought some things from Lush, I am always very hesitant to buy things from there as I am allergic to some of them but I don’t know specifically what I am reacting too. I had a lovely long browse and looked at all of the new Halloween and Christmas range, and I selected a few items. I picked;

Shampoo Bar; this is a new product and has a cinnamon, clove and peppermint scent, which I love. I had never tried a solid shampoo bar and was so intrigued to try it. It says it will last around 80 washes, but I have long thick hair so maybe less for me. This costs £5.95, not bad at all for that many washes. And there is no packaging at all which is great for the environment unlike all those shampoo bottles!  

Salt and Peppermint Bark; this is a new body scrub, and I love the colours and scent, it costs £5.95 for a fairly large bar, and I have used this several times now and it will last a while I can tell. It does turn the bath water green but it feels great and ex-foliates and moisturises the skin. You will be left with a lovely subtle scent for a while too.   

The Experimenter bath bomb; this is £3.95 for a very large multicoloured bath bomb, it has popping candy and vanilla. I can’t wait to try it. 

BB Seaweed face mask; this costs £6.75 for a fairly small pot of product, so I am really hoping this is amazing and worth the price. It needs to stay in the fridge, so I am looking forward to the application of a cold face mask. Containing fresh seaweed and ground almonds, rose absolute and aloe vera to cleanse and soothe the skin. The only thing I am not looking forward to is trying to use all of this product before the recommended use by date, which is roughly a little more than a month after being made. 

Candy Floss Showder; A mixture of Shower Powder! This is a limited edition product and I believe it is now only available online, this is also available in Lemon Sherbet and a ‘normal’ version with coconut and rose oils. This costs £12.50 but it is a fairly large box, and I have heard complaints because it is used in the bathroom the cardboard box isn’t the smartest idea Lush have had. That aside, I love the smell of candy floss and it brings back memories of my childhood and on holidays on the beach and fair grounds. The sugar gently ex-foliates the skin. This is also a great product and different from what Lush usually offer, mostly bath products, this can be used in the shower, mixed with water creating a thick creamy lather on the skin. The box reminds me of detergent boxes like Surf! and with the bright pink and white box it has that retro feel. 


Look out for full reviews and opinions soon! 


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