Kawaii Box!

Laying in bed ill is just the worst especially when you have so much to do and just no energy, but I was cheered up by a knock at the door that my boyfriend answered and came to me with a package. I was wondering what it was and then I realised it was my Kawaii Box shipped from Singapore. I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and just forgot about it really, so I was super excited and it definitely cheered me up!

I had a little welcome card, which was super cute, and it had a list of everything I had;

  1. Kabaya Fish Gummies; When I read this I was so excited to try something new from Japan/Korea. And then my boyfriend said ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually taste of fish’ so now I am a little apprehensive…
  2. Kawaii Foods Sticker Set; This is absolutely adorable, I am strangely attracted to cute eggs it seems. My housemates will be finding these around I am sure.
  3. Moomin Mini Pouch; My mum constantly tells me I used to LOVE Moomin as a child, yet I have no memory of it. However, this little pouch is lovely, it could be used for many things, a purse, jewellery.. anything small!
  4. Fragrance Beads; These are really nice, in a little yellow pot and smell citrus-y. They are like miniature bath pearls and I leave these on my make up desk with the lid off to let the aromas fill my room.

12071550_10203622462880886_2120842549_n5. Cute Animal Greetings Card; This again is suuuper cute, a little card with a chick and a note saying ‘I love you’.

6. Neck Streching Bunny Pen; This is spelt correctly, honest. I have no idea why it is called neck streching but hey. It is a cute bunny pen never the less and I am sure I will use it.

7. Kawaii Toast Squishy Charm; This came in a little bag for protection and is very cute, odd, but cute. I have no idea what I am going to do with it but its cute and can’t be thrown.

8. DIY Bracelet Kit; This is more for the younger ones, but I am sure I can give it as a little gift to someone, its not really my thing but still a nice item.

12166088_10203622463080891_1241829928_n9. Alpaca Pouch; This is a large pouch, a pencil case sort of size, and will definitely come in handy, and it has a super adorable green fluffy Alpaca on the front so!

10. Cute Egg Mini Plush; This was the first thing I saw and I was so happy, its the cutest thing ever.

11. Caplico Mini Ice Cream Candy; Again I am hesitant to try the food items but if I don’t like it I am sure my boyfriend will eat it! I tried to read the ingredient but as it is all in a different language, I felt so silly in even looking…


So there is my first Kawaii box of items, there is some amazing things in here and for onle £12 including shipping, and a little bite into the culture and cuteness I am definitely going to buy one again. Maybe not every single month, but when I am in need of a cuteness overload I know where to go.

I also received some little cards to Blippo, where you can buy several of these items and more! a Japanese Candy Box, and one telling you how to enter a competition to win a megabox.



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