Halloween is increasingly becoming something I look forward to, because I visit back home and see my family and friends, even if it is just for the weekend. Its a nice little get together with everyone dressed up.

I get really excited planning my costume, make up and hair. I actually enjoy the process more of getting ready sometimes! Halloween costumes can be so simple and easy, from a witches hat and broomstick to a complete outfit bought online or even made. 


10734009_10201921771564666_6839658354779382852_nLast year for a little get together I went as a cat, as I wasn’t sure how dressed up others would be, so I could take it off if no-one else was dressed up and if everyone else was dressed up I made some effort at least. 

I bought a little set from Claire’s I think for around £4 for cat ears, collar and tail. You can add whiskers and a nose with eye-liner if you wish. These little sets are great for last minute plans and a cheaper alternative. I wore a black tight skirt and a black cropped top, unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the night.

For the Halloween party last year I went as a ‘Broken Doll’ I bought a costume including a dress, tights, and headband clip bow, for £19 and bought some really bright blush from Claire’s for my make up due to being allergic to the face paint the online stores sell.

I had my hair in low pigtails at either side of my head and added the clipped in bow. Hair done. 

1450966_10201921772604692_3838866437904769405_n 1653797_10201922576224782_4808936660503321301_n

10473902_10201921770524640_306698452883353809_nI didn’t have any foundation on or anything as I am very pale anyway, but you can always buy foundation in a shade or two lighter than usual and use as a base. I added eye liner and false lashes, and large pink blush circles on my cheeks and found a nice red lipstick. Make up done!


This year I am going as a Harlequin, with a black/white and a little bit of red costume with some crazy red hair and make up! I will be adding pictures once my outfit arrives!

What is your go-to Halloween outfit?


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