BB Seaweed

I usually use the cheap face masks available in ASDA or Superdrug, but I had heard some good things about this product so I thought I would give it a go. I was looking forward to the coldness from the mask coming straight from the fridge, it felt so rejuvenating and fresh. I smothered it all over my face in a generous layer as it suggests, I love the light scent and the little bits of seaweed, I can just about smell the ground almonds and it feels so good on the skin. I left it on for just under 15 minutes and felt that it had started to dry, so I headed to the bathroom to take it off with warm water. This got a bit messy over the sink, but as I was rubbing it off I could instantly feel how soft and smooth my skin was, my red patches wasn’t as noticeable and all the dirt and oils had disappeared. I dabbed my face with a dry flannel instead of scrubbing dry. It was so relaxing and felt really moisturising on the skin. I could instantly see results, but my forehead started to look a little dry and flaky so I put on my Etre Belle, moisturising gel.

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I feel like £6.75 is a little too much for a face mask, but it is fresh and cold which you don’t get from a shop bought one, and there is plenty of uses in there too. It does need to be used around a month after making so I need to use the rest of my pot before the 26th of October! Ahh, that is definitely not going to happen I will probably keep it until mid-late November. It will just be better when fresh. It doesn’t say how often to use so I am just going to use every four/five days to keep the skin healthy and clean. 


3 thoughts on “BB Seaweed

  1. Lush facemasks are good but they do seem so expensive. I like the Body Shop 3-1 blue corn face mask it lasts longer as it doesn’t need a thick application and is in a standard tub with a 6/12 month suggested life.


  2. Anything seaweed is so good for your skin! If you haven’t already, you should try the charcoal face masks (made by multiple brands- all excellent). It’s very cleansing and refreshing, and great for repairing skin that’s really dry. Great post! I have some product reviews and looks that you might enjoy- check it out!

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