Colour Therapy

This is an ‘Anti-Stress Colouring Book’ by Michael O’Mara. Offering a selection of colour therapy books, I chose this one because I flicked through and found an owl picture, so yeah. This is amazing, not only can you just colour, but you can doodle, and learn about colours as you go, with pages dedicated to showing you why they are used and what colours mix or clash with them. There are tonnes of designs to work with and I find this so helpful when I am feeling low or stressed. I just sit down and colour my stresses away as the book says. 

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They usually are £12.99 but mine was on offer for £6.99 in a shop here in the UK called ‘The Range’. I know a lot of people my age and older that still colour in, it is recommended for those who struggle with anxiety and depression as colour/art therapy. At first I was quite ignorant and thought, I am an adult, I don’t want to colour in, but I gave in when I saw this and I have completely changed my attitudes towards it. There are many other Adult colouring books, complex colouring in, and art therapy books to choose from so you will never run out! 

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The pages are quite thick in this book which I like, as I use sharpies to colour in. The pictures and designs are so pretty too. I actually use some of the pages as backgrounds when I take pictures for my blog!

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