Kawaii Box Food Goodies

You may have seen that I recently received my order and I was so pleased with everything inside. I was excited to try the food items, until my boyfriend suggested the fish gummies may actually taste of fish due to their love of seafood.

12071687_10203634827549995_562469055_n12071550_10203622462880886_2120842549_nThis made me apprehensive but I did try one! Jack and Callum, our house-mate also tried them. The fish gummies were awful! I hated them, the texture the taste everything, Jack said; ‘They’re alright, they remind me of haribos’ but I disagree. Callum also thought they were okay. The actual sweets were fish eggs, a round circle, a pregnant fish, and a normal fish. So we all joked about this is how they teach children how reproduction in fish works! 

There was also a Capilco Ice Cream, I went straight in for a bite at the bottom and was surprised to find it had milk chocolate inside like a Cornetto! It was a normal wafer, but I did not like the ice cream filling inside, it sort of melted in your mouth and was just weird. Jack liked it and finished it off. 

We had fun though trying them and attempting to read the instructions which were Japanese,-DUH. But they were a nice thing to receive and something new to try. 

Have you ever tried any Japanese sweets?


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