This year I am going as a Harlequin, I was going to go as the Harley Quinn but the costumes were sooo expensive, so I settled for a traditional Harlequin/Jester. The dress is a traditional black and white with bits of red, and a lovely big puffy collar and skirt, with some matching tights, gloves and headband with bells! I ordered this online and it arrived in 6 days. I also ordered some black and white face paint. Now, I am also allergic to face paint! So I have to test this out first, if I don’t react I will use this as well as some highly pigmented make up to create my look. On the website the model was wearing a bright red crazy wig but I didn’t want to wear a wig so I will be dying my hair a lovely bold red which should last 2-10 washes, I bought this from Superdrug for about Β£5. I plan to curl it with my new beloved Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and make it all big and messy for the ultimate crazy look! I will add some pictures of the finished look and make up ideas before Halloween.Β 


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