Autumn Nail Polishes

So it already feels like Winter here in parts of the UK, and it is set to get much colder and we are also expected to have lots of snow too, maybe even a white Christmas! However, it is Autumn, and I love the leaves falling off of the trees and stepping on them, there is something satisfying about stepping on crunchy leaves- just me? And I love the sudden fashion/make up trends changing, the darker colours and thicker layers, getting all cosy. I love browns, and burgundy’s too. But with most outfits you can add that pop of colour through make-up, be it nails, or lips and its great when you can incorporate that into an outfit too.

Here are some of my picks for Autumn themed nail polishes;


Rimmel London’s- Berries and Cream   

This is a lovely red/purple, it looks different depending on how the light is. But it adds that splash of colour to a darker outfit. 

12092566_10203622349478051_847869243_nRimmel London’s- Black Cherries

This is a great colour, one of my favourites now. It is a burgundy colour with hints of purple. Although it is a darker colour it will go with so many things and again it looks different depending on the light.


All Rimmel London left to right- Gimme Some of That, Berries and Cream, Black Cherries.

12048447_10203622349198044_801206491_n MUA’s- Plum Noire

This is just a simple darker purple, which will go well with some purple eye shadows or lips to brighten a darker look. Not amazing lasting power but a great colour and easy application, also only £1.


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