Halloween Harlequin

I have been trying out some new make up looks for this years Halloween outfit, a Harlequin. I am allergic to a lot of face paint so I buy them with caution and try not to spend too much in case I can’t use it.

I bought ‘Snazaroo’s classic face paint’ in black and white online for only a couple of pounds each. You get quite a lot of product which is great and I tested this on my inner elbow to see if I would react. I didn’t, so I went ahead and tried to create some new looks. I found that this is best applied with quite a wet blender sponge, and with several layers to eliminate the patches and make it more even. I tested out some eye make up using eye shadows, liners and other bits and pieces I had around. I wasn’t happy with the look I had at all so I didn’t take pictures but it was awful, I assure you. 

So, I started searching online and found a few people mixing their foundation with ‘white cream make up’. I got hold of some and again tested some on my inner elbow. It was a little itchy but no big reaction. I went ahead and pinned my hair back and creating my new foundation, it was all trial and error with mixing the right amounts, I used far too much foundation at first and it was so dark, but mixing more white cream in it became quite light.


I used my normal foundation brush to apply over my face and only needed two layers, much less than with the ‘Snazaroo face paint’.


I started on the eye make up using a liquid eye liner to separate the two halves below and above my eyes. And added some contouring lines with black eye shadow with a normal eye shadow brush, and blended it out.

12179211_10203661411534578_1967183812_n 12177706_10203661411054566_900077000_n

I then added used a black eye shadow crayon to colour in the corners of the triangle.


And then used some red eye shadow and a lip crayon for the other halves. 


I then applied my mascara and used the same red lip crayon on my lips, this smudged really easily on the top lip and was so hard to remove from the face paint base. 


I made no effort to keep things clean and tidy, its not even but I am just testing it out for ideas. 

What do you think?


One thought on “Halloween Harlequin

  1. I’m a massive fan of Harley Quinn 💖❤ I love her style and history etc. So I love this, it’s so different for Halloween but fantastic. Love the way you have done your eyes. Love it. Fantastic blog. looks great. XoX


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