League Of Legends

This is a very different post to my usual beauty theme, but to me it is just as- well not quite important. My boyfriend and many of his friends have been playing this video game for a loooong time and ever since I met him he wouldn’t stop talking/playing/watching this. So I was forced to watch it too, and I found myself enjoying it. I started watching around 2 and a half years ago when I met Jack, and over the past year I became more involved-how did this happen?! I was never really into computer games or consoles, I just used to watch my brothers play and would occasionally pick up the controller to be absolutely smashed by them, but lets face it, its embarrassing when your younger brother by quite a large gap beats you and you get upset about it. 

I downloaded League of Legends about Christmas last year, and although I rarely play due to studying and other hobbies I do enjoy it. I do however prefer to watch. So whenever there are tournaments or just any competitive match on I will happily sit there and watch it with Jack or on my own with a cup of tea and food- sad I know. I enjoy watching different teams from all over the world and how they compete. So when me and Jack got tickets for Worlds; Quarter-finals in London we were so excited. The matches were released after tickets go on sale so you don’t know who you are going to see, but we ended up seeing SKT T1 vs AHQ. We had an idea instantly who would win this best of 5 and we were right, with a straight 3 game win!




We didn’t have the best seats, but we had a great day out and the crowd was amazing. We saw some amazing cosplays and even some of the casters around for pictures. Jack got a really nice jacket and I got a super cute Gnar plush! Overall it was an amazing day out and my first real experience watching League of Legends live. I would definitely go again and watch other teams play and hopefully meet some of the players I enjoy watching. 


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