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Lush-1st Bloggers Event

On Friday I attended a bloggers event at Lush with two friends from Uni, Leah and Harriet. The three of us are bloggers and good friends. Here is Leah’s blog and here is Harriet’s.

So firstly I would love to say a massive thank you to Lush for hosting an amazing 1st bloggers event, this was also my first bloggers meet which was great. Secondly, I would like to apologize for not posting yesterday, the past few days have been a little hectic for me. 

Harriet mentioned a few weeks ago that there was going to be a special event for bloggers in the South East of England and I knew it would be an amazing opportunity to meet other bloggers and get to visit Lush. The keen beans we are we there about 30minutes early, and were stood alone for a while. We were eventually joined by several other bloggers and were excited to get in. 

We were welcomed by the lovely staff at Lush and they had little stations set up for people to try things which was a great chance to try something new. They had Bucks Fizz, Mince Pies and fresh fruit to greet us with, which was so nice. 


I first went to their make up section where we were learning about the new Toothy Tabs
they offer, like toothpaste it serves to clean your teeth, gums and mouth. There is around 100 tablets in each bottle for £5.95. A selection of flavours, colours and ingredients, including charcoal/aniseed/cola(Boom) , passion-fruit/vanilla/rose (Oral Pleasure), orange/citrus (Bling), lime and lemon (Lime Light) and mint (Miles of Smiles). 

I then saw another lovely lady and we used some Jellies. Looking at the new Halloween ones making me excited for the weekend to come and Christmas ones too. We had a go of a couple but I was sure they just aren’t for me. Although, I was recommended to try and freeze them and then use in the shower. 

I am a huge lover of the bath bombs and the amazing names given to each so that’s where I headed next. There was a very snazzy guy called Kevin to welcome us to his little station, and we tested a couple and spoke about the new ones, the ingredients and smells etc. 

12179261_10203673865365916_1148185899_n 12178137_10203673863845878_727682604_n

We tested some new ‘Fun’ and even washing our hands and wrists with this made my skin feel so soft and clean. We also had some fun and all together we made a snowman, I made his lovely little hat. I would definitely recommend Fun no matter what age you are, it has so many uses and tonnes of colours to create anything you like.


Then I went to test some scrubs with Leah, and because I had already tried the Peppermint Scrub I had the chance to try a different one called ‘The Rough With The Smooth’, it had a lovely earthy scent and was so nice on the skin leaving me very soft and fresh. I also tried the earthy scented Shower Cream called ‘Lord Of Misrule’ which was gorgeous, an amazing green colour with such a lovely feel on the skin.


We all then had the chance to get involved and make our own fresh cleanser called ‘Angels On Bare Skin’ using Water and Glycerine and a green oil type substance, then added Kaolin, Ground Almonds and Lavender. And Tah Dah!

12182000_10203673864565896_831673590_n 12179091_10203673864405892_1246488542_n12179902_10203673864285889_1487588634_n 12180008_10203673864085884_1874616016_n
12182046_10203673864045883_1486759562_n 804540_10203673863965881_744912816_n


We all had the chance to wander around for a bit and try anything else or ask questions and buy anything. We were all told we could have two free products from the Christmas Range. So I went ahead and picked up ‘Christingle’ after using the Bark and Peppermint Scrub I knew I needed this moisturiser to use after, I just love the peppermint scent. I also picked up ‘Snow Fairy’ I have been wanting to try this for ages and I love the smell of Candy Floss too. 


I also picked up a couple of goodies, ‘Razzle Dazzle’ a bath oil which is amazing, I will post a review soon. They had just been released that day and for £2 for a small ball of happiness and glitter I knew I couldn’t go wrong. I picked up a new bath bomb too, ‘Frozen’ I have seen so many good reviews and I wanted to get my hands on it. 


We were all given a wonderful goody-bag at the end of the evening filled with a little sample of each of the new Toothy Tabs, a pot of the Angels on Bare Skin we made, a lipstick in ‘Decisive’ worth £14.50. 

11653441_10203673863165861_1434765487_n 12180083_10203673862925855_528871270_n 12188819_10203673863205862_1499199746_n

Overall, a fantastic evening! Meeting new bloggers, trying new products, free products and a lovely time with everyone. Thank you to everyone, the Lush Staff and all of the other bloggers I met there!

12177894_10203673866005932_579334682_n 12182268_10203673863765876_597249550_n 12179493_10203673865685924_2040957688_n 12081151_1204851042865644_914138616_n

Here is Lush’s website.



5 thoughts on “Lush-1st Bloggers Event

  1. Great post lovely! 🙂 This looks amazing, i am also a fan of lush and this day looked so much fun! How do you get involved in these blogger events? I have been blogging for nearly a year and would love to do something like this! 🙂 xxx


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