Lush-Toothy Tabs

I have no idea where to start with this post to be honest. It is a very different product that Lush offer, it is a replacement for toothpaste! They come in little bottles of 100 tablets which can be recycled or taken back in store which is great. 

Miles of Smiles- Mint

Lime Light- Lemon and Lime

Boom- Cola

Bling- Citrus

Oral Pleasure- Passion-fruit

I heard about this product at the Lush bloggers event I recently went to and we were all lucky enough to come away with some samples of each flavour they offer in our store. So, five flavours to try out. I made my boyfriend Jack, try one with me too. He tried ‘Lime Light’ lemon and lime flavoured, and I opted for the traditional minty flavour ‘Miles of Smiles’. The texture is very chalky like and feels so unnatural to have in your mouth, the mint was very overpowering and I really didn’t like it at all. Jack said the lemon and lime flavour wasn’t horrible but not amazing either, although he agreed that the texture was awful. It didn’t foam as much as I thought it would, it just sort of melted. I couldn’t stand the taste or texture so I actually spat mine out, Jack on the other hand, persevered but he said; ‘It didn’t feel like it did anything’. 


Personally, they are not for me, I don’t know whether this is because I am so used to using a normal toothpaste that I just couldn’t handle anything different but the taste was awful to me. I would choose toothpaste. Jack said; ‘I think I’ll stick to toothpaste’. 

A great idea and a decent product from Lush, just not for me unfortunately, I can imagine these being good for children as long as they don’t swallow it, as there is a variety of flavours and it makes the chore of brushing your teeth different. If you like strong flavours especially the mint, and you are willing to persevere then I’d say pop into Lush and ask for a sample and if you can do it then invest in a bottle!

Would you like to try these? What flavour takes your fancy?


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