MCM Comic Con

I mentioned I had been very busy in my last post and this is because of having a good couple of days on a bit of a high as such. Last week, I travelled to London for League of Legends Worlds event and Friday night went to the Lush event the Friday night and then travelled into London for Comic Con. 

So, Comic Con? Like League, this does digress from my beauty theme but I am sure there are some people out there who read this that have heard of or been to one of these events. 

MCM Comic Con runs for 3 days twice a year usually in May and October. They have lots of different TV shows, books, Anime around such as The Walking Dead which I noticed to be very big. They sell tonnes of merchandise, teddies/plushies, different types of food- lots of Japanese and American.


And you also have the chance to meet some famous people there too, there were some big names including the 7th doctor from Doctor Who, an author, someone from Red Dwarf and youtubers like The Yogscast and Hat Films. There was a twitch station, which is a streaming service, with little events going on you could watch too. There was so much going on and it was absolute chaos. There were tonnes of people in cosplay and some were incredible, there was an amazing Chewbacca that was creeping up on me and I got pretty scared, there were some really creative ones and some that you could tell had so much effort and dedication into making their costumes. 

I bought one of all time favourite Pokemon’s; Eevie! The Jigglypuff was slightly deformed in the packaging so I didn’t risk buying that one too. Jack and I queued to meet Hat Films for only about 30minutes, it was much longer to meet the Yogscast! and I bought a lovely t-shirt and had the three lovely guys sign it for me! I also had a picture and there was a lot of fan-girling in the queue. Smith also complemented me on choosing Eevie! 

12182028_10203674006449443_814780085_n 12188337_10203674005649423_1571530550_n 12181784_10203674006009432_1632172669_n

It was a great day out, a long day, but nevertheless, it was awesome. Tonnes of walking around and travelling, but it was worth it. I would recommend it to anyone really, there were tonnes of parents out with their young children from as young as 3/4 all dressed up as their favourite princess or super-hero, lots of The Jokers I noticed! 

Have you ever been to Comic Con?


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