Lord and Berry Twist-Stick

Today’s post will be featuring the Lord and Berry Twist-Stick in ‘On Stage’ which I received in my most recent Love Me Beauty Box. I loved Lord and Berry’s other lipstick crayons which I have in ‘Fire’, ‘Mandarin’ and now ‘Plum’ all of which are lovely. These are overall amazing so I thought I would give a slightly different item on offer a try.


As you can see in the swatch (top-On Stage, bottom-Plum). The colour is basically better than my lip colour. It’s nothing bold or bright just adding a bit more oomph to the lips, it looks very shiny and shimmery almost a lip gloss look and texture which I am not a fan of. However, it doesn’t feel to sloppy or gloopy like some lip glosses, this is much creamier and lipstick like. But I do prefer the crayons, but I like the addition of the twist bottom on this product. 


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