Harlequin Nails

Halloween has come around really quickly and I am so looking forward to getting ready and dressing up as a Harlequin. I wasn’t sure what to do with my nails, whether to stick with a classic monochrome look or add red as well. I had some experimenting time and decided to just stick with black and white because although my outfit is mostly black and white, my hair is now completely red -well pink? So I don’t want too much going on.


I used some nail art tape to divide my nail into four sections creating triangles, part of the diamond look for a Harlequin. I only did this for one nail on each hand as I found it quite tricky to do and honestly, I am way too tired and don’t have the time to dedicate as I usually would. I then just alternated nails with black and white to keep the rest simple.


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