Hair Adventures

I recently decided that I wanted to become a red head, not permanently so I chose to do it over Halloween where I could incorporate this with my Harlequin look. I originally chose a brand called ‘Colour Freedom’ but after looking at reviews I changed my mind and stuck to a brand I knew, ‘Bleach London’. I bought ‘I Saw Red’ but this was the last bottle, and I didn’t know if it would be enough for my whole head. Whereas before when I dyed half of my hair pink/purple I had two bottles and only did half of my hair, which has since grown, very slightly. So I also picked up a bottle of ‘The Big Pink’ as well, to do the bottom half of my hair and cover the top layers in red.

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It took absolutely ages to get all of my hair covered, and I then left it on for about 30minutes, they recommend 15 but I just wanted to make sure, especially with my hair getting darker now. Rinsing it out was so amusing, my nails turned pink because of the dye, and it ran so dark!

Once rinsed and dried, I looked very erm pink? I wasn’t completely happy with how bright the pink was and the lack of red coming through. So I put more on my top layer of hair and more on my roots. I then left that about 40minutes to really soak in. Once rinsed yet again, the water was more red than pink and then once dry, I was happier but not completely. I felt slightly let down, my roots didn’t take as well because they are darker now, and so they look slightly purple but luckily in the 3 for 2 offer I bought a ‘Bleach London’ hair crayon in ‘Bruised Violet’ which is the dye colour I used before. And so I added some more streaks and tints of purple throughout the rest of my hair so it didn’t look too odd.


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