Malin+Goetz Vitamin E Moisturizer

This is a super little bottle of a brand I had heard of but never bought from before. I chose this item in my Love Me Beauty box and I thought I would try something new. I love moisturisers and use them daily, I suffer with combination skin so I really need to even out the patches on my face and thought this might just be the product to help me get rid of those dry patches and not enhance the oily ones. This is a 29ml bottle, perfect for popping in the handbag or while travelling,

The packaging is quite simple with a nice little pump action lid for ease of use, it does say on the front ‘avoid oily areas’ however I apply it all over my face and it doesn’t seem to affect my oily patches too much. It looks like it belongs in a science lab in a cabinet of some sort, so that could be nicer but that is just a personal opinion. 


I am happy with the sample size as I said it would be perfect for on-the-go and holidays. 

The product itself feels very hydrating on the skin and really does wonders on those dry patches, it has helped a lot over the past few days of daily use, and hasn’t over-moisturised the oily bits. The cost of a normal size 118ml would be £37.00. That is a lot of money, but also a lot of product. The sample seems to be around £12. This brand is also not available from their own site to the UK. 

I would suggest this brand if you have really badly dry skin or suffer with harsh eczema, or to relieve sun burn rather than daily use for normal skin.

I would love to try more products from them and see how good those compare to cheaper brands and prices too. Although they seem very expensive, as I said I would recommend using them if you have extreme or flared up skin issues as they seem most suitable in terms of ingredients and benefiting the skin rather than causing other issues.  This is amazing and I would use it daily but unfortunately I cannot afford that, nearly £40 on a moisturiser is a lot but I will have to stick to other brands which are available to me such as Nivea or Simple, even though the product isn’t this good. 


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