Lush- Frozen Bath Bomb

I had to pick this up on the Lush bloggers event evening, and tonight when I was in desperate need of a relaxing uplifting bath I busted this bad boy out of the bag and knew it was going to be a long bath! I added some of my Honey nspa shower gel/moisturiser to give it a nice smooth touch on the skin. I couldn’t really tell what the scent was (I have an awful sense of smell), but the colour was intense and glittery. I didn’t use the whole bath bomb in one go as sometimes because of the strong scent I suffer with migraines, so I kept an eye on it and pulled it out and left it on the side to dry out for next time. I will probably use it in the next week or so just in case!

12226578_10203726138872721_2077672916_n12233242_10203726139112727_650575076_n 12208069_10203726139392734_2048433509_n12233123_10203726138552713_894332545_n


So as you can see, the colour is amazing, and it was so relaxing, everything I was looking forward to on a chilly evening with the wind howling outside. With grapefruit and rose oils to give an uplifting, refreshing boost and to balance the skin. At £3.95 this is one of my favourite bath bombs from Lush, if you are looking for a subtle scent then I would definitely recommend this one. 


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