Lush- Shampoo Bar

A new product from lush for the hair, without a crazy name?! This is a solid shampoo bar with peppermint, cinnamon and clove to stimulate the scalp and hair growth. I love the smell and it makes my hair so soft and nourished, while the rosemary gives my hair a lovely shine.

I have to lather this bar up in my hand and then run it through the hair and onto the scalp, and really massage it in, I have to use a lot as my hair is so long and thick. I have noticed through trial and error, if I don’t use enough, my hair will be greasy the next day. This is supposed to last 60-80 washes, I assume less for me due to using a larger amount each time. But it is still completely in shape after several uses.

12083780_10203622349398049_543438130_n (2)

The lack of packaging makes me happy too, helping the environment of course, until you want to travel and you don’t know what to put it in. But overall, I love the idea of a solid shampoo bar, the scent is amazing and it makes my hair feel great. It costs £5.95, not bad at all for 60 washes! 


2 thoughts on “Lush- Shampoo Bar

    1. It is an amazing idea and very practical and it smells great! while doing great for the hair and scalp I do find that my hair gets greasy quicker than normal shampoo, maybe im not using enough or massaging it in enough but it is a great item and I definitely recommend it!

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