Lush-Salt and Peppermint Bark

This is a seasonal product from Lush, and I fell in love with the peppermint smell immediately. It is called ‘Salt and Peppermint Bark‘. The sea salt gently scrubs the skin, it does turn your skin slightly green as well as the bath water. I love the initial colour of the bar but once used it looks a little funny where the colours have blended together. I have used this a lot now and I am so glad I bought it for £5.95, it will last a while as it is still pretty much in shape, and it feels so good on the skin, ex-foliating and moisturising too. 

12083780_10203622349398049_543438130_n12083780_10203622349398049_543438130_n (2)

I really want to try other body scrubs now, what do you recommend?


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