Oragami Set

A while a go me and my boyfriend were just spending some quality time together and we decided to make some Oragmi by following some tutorials on Youtube. We made so many different little things and I was pretty amazed at how well we picked it up and did. This is a little elephant- how cute!


Although our creations were made with love and care, due to my lack of cutting in a straight line-skill our paper wasn’t exactly square. So when I saw this 5 minute Oragmi set in Waterstones for Β£5.99 I picked it up. Although it is a little expensive, it includes 100 coloured square sheets of paper and an instruction booklet with some creations. This will be so much easier to use that cutting paper down into a perfect square. This would be a good little gift or even a stocking filler for that C word that is getting really close!Β 

This will keep me busy when I have spare time, need to relax or de-stress and focus my mind on something. You might even find me in lectures making little models now!Β 


Have you tried Oragami? Or another form of art?


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