Recent Events

Over the past couple of days everyone will have heard at some point about the recent attacks in Paris, and the ISIS group have taken responsibility for this releasing a statement. Me and my boyfriend had a really in depth discussion about this and we mentioned about how close to home this attack is and how it makes us lead a more cautious life. We said about how this attack in Paris highlights the damage done in Eastern countries like Syria who face these similar attacks on a daily basis, how children and their parents are split up, many are killed and many more are injured. Think about what that attack in Paris would be like if it occurred daily and how much worse the damage would be.

There are many posts and things going around on all social media saying how we shouldn’t blame the religion but the individuals themselves, and I completely agree. It doesn’t mean all of those who follow the Muslim/Islamic religion should be to blame and they should be treated no differently to a Christian or Atheist. Don’t treat the ethnic minority like they have something to do with it or are to blame for following their beliefs. We need to remember that these are extremists and very radical and those individuals that caused the damage are to blame! 

‘There are 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world right now,…if Islam really bred terror we would all be dead right now. The combined forces in total of Islamic state, Boko Haram and Al Qaeda makes up 0.003% of the global muslim population. Less than 2% of terror attacks are carried out in the name of Islam’ -Patrick Nazemi

My thoughts are with Paris, Lebanon, Beirut and anywhere else that is affected by this, it is truly devastating to see what humanity can do. My prayers and thoughts are with those whose lives have been ruined by these tragedies.

Everyone please stay safe. 



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