Lush- The Experimenter Bath Bomb

As I have stated before I usually do react to Lush bath bombs for some reason, but I was desperate to try a new one. I picked up ‘The Experimenter‘ which is a lovely multi-coloured bath bomb, which I have to say is massive! I had also just bought this for a friends birthday and I was slightly jealous I hadn’t tried it myself.

I know a lot of people just throw the whole thing in the bath but due to my reaction I broke off a tiny section and put it in my bath, the colour instantly turned blue and was lovely. And this also means I will have several uses with lots of different coloured baths which is a bonus. I did suffer a slight headache but nothing like what I had experienced before. 


There is popping candy and glitter inside. and I mean lots and lots of glitter. For £3.95 several uses and lots of colour and a great scent, I would definitely recommend for a lovely relaxing bath. I love the vanilla scent but not so much cleaning the glitter out of the bath! 

I would definitely buy again and recommend to anyone who wants a crazy coloured relaxing bath! 

Have you tried The Experimenter? Or other bath bombs?


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