The Festive Feeling

I love Christmas, it is my favourite time of the year. Because now I am getting older and I am away at University living in a house it is so nice to go home and see all of my family and have some quality time together, and have proper discussions about adult things! I think my parents respect me more and treat me more like an adult since going to uni, more so since september, which I love. But Christmas is a time where I can retreat into my more immature ways and be obsessive over Disney, Minnie Mouse, Owls and all things festive. I can also get my parents proper Christmas presents too,

I love my parents so much and I love taking every opportunity to show them I care and appreciate everything they do for me. Having my own income and not relying on my parents (occasionally-when I spend too much!) gives me more money to decide what I want to do with it and what I can buy for them, whether it is some slippers and a new dressing gown or a coffee mug with a crude remark! I am able to have those silly moments and have fun, I love treating my parents, in return for what they have done for me over the years and still do! 


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