Hair Transformation

So recently I dyed my hair red/pink, in the colours ‘I Saw Red’ and ‘The Big Pink’ from the brand BLEACH London. These are only £5 a bottle and you get so much from it, and there are usually offers on in boots 3 for 2. It is supposed to last between 2 and 10 washes and I am currently on wash 11 and my hair is now a pastel pink/peach. I also dyed my hair pink/purple here is the link.

There was only one bottle of red left in the shop so I opted for pink as well as I have a long thick hair and needed to cover it all. It took absolutely ages for my mum to cover my hair and as my roots are slightly darker they didn’t take as well and looked slightly purple.

Here is the progression of the colour of the past three weeks. The red went pink, and the pink went peachy, then the peachy went back blonde and the initial red was now peachy!  It’s like a pastel pink and looks great and blended through my hair nicely with my layers and getting darker towards the top layer of what was red. The fourth picture from my shoulders down was such a lovely colour!

The first two were taken within the first two days of being dyed, the third picture was 12 days after the initial dye, and then the fourth was a week after that so about 19 days after. 

The last pictures is how it is at the moment so 3 weeks and 3 days, not very appealing but still light pink streaks through my now blonde/brown hair. 

I initially wanted the colour out of my hair as soon as I could, but I grew to like the colour and I am glad I did, it made me feel more bold and confident to be different and stand out, which I am not very good at! I did purchase some ‘Wash Out Shampoo’ from Bleach London just in case, and I have used it 3 or 4 times which speeds up the process of the colour coming out. Again this is £5 and available in Boots. 


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